A sample Facebook post
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Youth Mental Health First Aid Social Media Campaign

This is a plan for a social media campaign designed to advocate for youth mental health first aid training. The message I intend to convey is that mental health first aid training

Facebook study

should be as prevalent as regular CPR/first aid training because it is important. As of now, one in five young people suffers from a severe mental disorder, and one in two adults has some sort of mental disorder. I hope to target young adults and middle-aged adults. These people have a lot of influence in the lives of young people (roughly ages 7-24) as they interact with them on a daily basis as peers, parents, camp counselors, and role models. The goal of this campaign is to get 1,000 people to sign up for youth mental health first aid training.

Because this campaign targets a wide age range, I will be optimizing my campaign for a variety of social media platforms. Facebook is prevalent among both age groups. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of adults online use Facebook. As the table shows, the people in my target age group are even more likely to be on Facebook than the average adult. The amount of adults on Facebook makes it the ideal platform for most of my audience. Compared to other sites used by adults, Facebook is used much more frequently. The next site I would prioritize is Instagram. People are more careful about evaluating pictures on Instagram, so they are likely to spend more time considering an advertisement.

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Additionally, there are fewer sponsored advertisements on Instagram than Facebook, so this will help the campaign stand out. The downside of Instagram is that it only allows one link per page, but because there is currently only one main organization offering training, this will work out nicely. Also, Pew Research also shows that Instagram is the next most used social media platform by adults on the internet.

The hashtag that will be utilized for this campaign is #mentalhealthmatterstoo. While people readily acknowledge that physical health is important, many adults do not realize the importance of mental health, especially for children.

Sample Instagram Post
A sample Instagram post

This is an example of an Instagram post that would be used in the campaign. It would include a caption with a couple statistics about how 70% of youth with mental health illnesses go untreated. It would direct users to a link in the page’s bio to register for youth mental health first aid training.

This is an example of two sample Facebook posts. A link would be included for the training, as well as a few more facts about mental health and why it is important. Facebook generally includes longer captions than Instagram, so the content would be a bit more informative and persuasive.

Sample event cover photo
Sample event cover photo

This is an example of a cover photo for an event page on Facebook. This event would allow people to engage with the organization. At pediatricians’ offices, events would be held where parents and teenagers can build “mental health first aid kits” including materials designed to help people de-stress and focus on mental well-being, such as stress balls and adult coloring books. Information would be provided at this gathering about why mental health is important and why certification in mental health first aid is important.


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